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Global Steel 

Website Design

Macondo Games is a studio based in India that is working on it's first PC game release - Global Steel. 
Global Steel is an a 2D Run-n-Gun game inspired by Saturday morning cartoons from the 80's.

I started working on this project with few things in mind:

- The website must establish the Game Art. 

- It should display what the game is about. 

- There should be balanced distribution of space, font and other visual elements.

- Pages like 'Dev Diary' should display critical information as well as go with the website's theme and aesthetic.

(sketches and iterations)

(iterations of Blogs and Dev Diary pages)

Designing/Iterating Icons for the Website. When coming up with the right sizes and style for the website, it hit me - "what's minimal and retro?"

The answer was - neon lights. And, of course, flat icons.

To check out my ideations for the game's player experience itself, got to: 

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