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Narrative and Game Writing

Believable characters, fantastical beasts, myth, magic, and everything in between. You'll find it here. 

I write interactive stories and create engaging worlds. 

The Key of Tara.jpeg

A young woman finds herself in a mysterious space ruled by sands that shift texture, and illusions that guide values. She has to find the Key of Tara - the only way this space can sustain itself. 
With the help of words, objects, and illusions, traverse Tara in this short interactive-fiction piece.


Meet Bella. She's sweet, helpful, and human. And, she's a chatbot!

As a Conversation Designer, my role in nurturing Bella revolved around a simple idea - how do we humanize her?

Her dialogue options, words, and overall tone are needed to make a positive impact on the greytHR experience.

Being developed by Macondo Games, Global Steel is an upcoming 2D Run-n-Gun game inspired by Saturday morning cartoons from the 80's.

I worked on the game's characters and UX/UI.

Global Steel.jpg
Apex Legends.png

Being a part of its subreddit community (1.7m users), I wrote voice-line/dialogue prompts that could be used in the game. At present, the idea is live and working. 

Based in 2029 India, Sanrekhit is an interactive-story about a young man's journey through making decisions that may conclude the tech future of his country.

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