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Fortnite locker

Interface design for the popular Battle Royale game's mobile varient that focuses on in-game customization.


Fortnite is a popular third-person shooter/survival game developed and produced by Epic Games. As of March 2019, Fortnite Battle Royale hit a 250-million-monthly-players mark. With great amount of players came a huge variety of customizable characters, gear and other cosmetics. 

Fortnite's item shops lets you purchase cosmetics which you can later browse through in your Locker. My idea for an app focuses on this experience. The catch being - a more portable, 'go-to' version of it.

(all screens are design on Adobe XD. None of the artwork/models belong to me, as they are owned by Epic)

Social Media Response

Within 24 hours of posting my concept online on Reddit, I received a lot of positive feedback as well as suggestions for the design. Fortunately, the work was mentioned by a popular Instagram page too.

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